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A Heart in New York

Art Garfunkel
A Heart in New York
Angel Clare
Fate For Breakfast
Scissors Cut
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Across America
Songs from a Parent to a Child
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Everything Waits To Be Noticed
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“It’s a great time for moderation, for thoughtfulness, for dialogue,
for the great Exhale.  Now is the time for a sweet sound, a visceral, charming, prayerful sound."
- Art Garfunkel

Walking Across America

Art Garfunkel in 1983

As one half of the legendary folk duo Simon and Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel's melodic high tenor voice provided the harmony to Paul Simon's poetic lyrics. After the pair parted ways, Garfunkel chose a diverse career path, which included acting in several films, releasing nearly a dozen solo albums and spending 12 years (on and off) walking across the United States and Europe. 

Born in Queens, N.Y. in 1941, Arthur Ira Garfunkel first met Paul Simon in grade school. They began recording together as early as 1957, but didn't release their first Simon and Garfunkel record until 1964's Wednesday Morning, 3AM.

After six years and numerous landmark hits, including "The Sound of Silence," "Scarborough Fair," "Mrs. Robinson" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water," the duo called it quits in 1970.

Following the breakup, Garfunkel took some time off from recording to continue his acting career (he had already appeared in Mike Nichols' 1970 film adaptation of Catch 22). He also appeared in Nichols' 1971 film, Carnal Knowledge.

Garfunkel married girlfriend Linda Grossman in Nashville in 1972; the union was short-lived, however, and the couple divorced two years later.

In 1973 Garfunkel returned to music with his solo debut on Columbia Records, Angel Clare. The album was produced by Roy Halee and produced the hit "All I Know."

1975's Richard Perry-produced Breakaway peaked at No. 7 on the album charts and produced one of Garfunkel's biggest solo hits, "I Only Have Eyes For You." The album also contained the Top 10 single, "My Little Town," which was recorded in a one-off studio reunion with Simon.

Garfunkel continued to release albums throughout the '70s, including 1977's Watermark, a collection of Jimmy Webb covers, and 1979's Fate for Breakfast, which failed to produce a notable single.

In 1981, after releasing Scissors Cut, a disappointing effort that failed to break the Top 100, Garfunkel reunited with Simon for a landmark free concert in New York's Central Park. The hometown reception was so overwhelmingly positive that the duo decided to reunite permanently. Simon and Garfunkel fans were ecstatic, however the promise of new material from the duo never came to be. Tensions arose quickly while recording the album, tentatively titled Think Too Much. Garfunkel objected to the intensely personal nature of the lyrics, which dealt with Simon's failed marriage to Peggy Harper and his relationship with actress Carrie Fisher. He finally bowed out of the project and Simon released the album on his own, renaming it Hearts and Bones.

Garfunkel took most of the '80s and early '90s off to pursue other interests. One of which was his quest to walk across the United States from the East Coast to the West Coast. He traveled this distance over the course of 12 years, making the journey in 100-200 mile increments. Garfunkel also went on an extended sailing trip in the South Pacific Polynesian Islands with his close friend, songwriter Jimmy Webb. The pair later collaborated on the 1986 holiday album Animals' Christmas, a co-release with Amy Grant.

In 1988 Garfunkel released Lefty, his sixth solo album and his first in seven years. That same year he married actress-singer Kim Cermak.

Simon and Garfunkel were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 and the duo, now on good terms, reunited frequently in the '90s for charity appearances. Garfunkel released Up'Til Now in 1993, a collection of rarities and unreleased material and in 1996 he released the live album Across America, which was recorded during a two-night gig at the Registry Hall on Ellis Island.

Songs From a Parent to a Child, G, came out in 1997 on Sony Wonder/Columbia as a part of their Family Artist series. The album is a collection of folksy children's songs sung by Garfunkel, featuring appearances by guest musicians Billy Preston and John Sebastian and a duet with Garfunkel's son James.

Late 2002 saw the release of Art's latest album, Everything Waits to Be Noticed, and fine piece of work it is too.An appearance at the 2003 Grammy Awards with Paul Simon happened, and .....the magic is still there, after all these years.

Art Garfunkel

Angel Clare. 1973

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